Audio Guide of the Canary Islands

Cicar offers you a free APP audio-guide of the Canary Islands. You will be able to listen about the most interesting places of the island while driving.

Discover the Canary Islands with us

When hiring with Cicar, you can download our APP audio-guide of the island you are visiting. You will also receive a map where you will find all the places of touristic and cultural interest and its corresponding audio track in the APP Audioguide.

You can download the Canary Islands audio guide for free through our app. In it you will find the most interesting places on the island duly numbered. Look at the map and you will see them clearly located. When approaching some of these places, select the number that identifies you on your terminal, starting the audition or activate the Tour Mode option and the audition will be automatic.

APP Audioguide of the Canary Islands

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Map of the Canary Islands

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Our maps

To complement the audio guide, rental car users are provided with the standard map of the island offered by Cabrera Medina Group, which has been redesigned and updated for this purpose.

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Audio guide of the Canary Islands

Audioguía de Canarias